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ANZAC 2The band’s motto has not actually been ‘any music, anywhere, any time’ but perhaps it should have been. In true Territory style it has always reveled in the less conventional music propositions. For instance – playing all day for the Pine Creek races, marching down the Stuart Highway at Katherine before dawn on Anzac Days, striding out in front of May Day parades, sitting in the rain, at dawn, on the wharf, playing to welcome cruise ships as they sailed into the Port of Darwin and, rumour has it, even performing out on the sea, at a Beer Can Regatta.

The band provides Music for the Community, performing regularly at community events, including dry season play-outs in city parks as well as putting on our own concerts. Our repertoire includes a touch of Michael Bublé, Lady Gaga and even The Eagles as well as some brass band classics.


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